Hashtag Queer: LGBTQ+ Creative Anthology, Volume 1 was such a success, it’s time already to start reading submissions for Hashtag Queer: LGBTQ+ Creative Anthology, Volume 2, which will be released in June of 2018 to once again celebrate LGBTQ Pride season.

Hashtag Queer: LGBTQ+ Creative Anthology is the annual collection of creative work by and about LGBTQ+. It includes fiction, nonfiction, poetry and scripts up to 7,500 words. Hashtag Queer, Vol 1 included work by 40 writers.

Hashtag Queer: LGBTQ+ Creative Anthology, Volume 2 will be published in print & ebook (compatible with the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows devices in addition to PDF and other downloadable formats and web-viewable formats.)

Submission Guidelines

Please read the following submission guidelines carefully before submitting your work to Hashtag Queer: LGBTQ+ Creative Anthology, Vol 2. If you have any questions not answered below, please write us at and we will be happy to answer.


  • All work must be written by and/or about LGBTQ+ people, subjects and themes.


  • Genres: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Scripts (Plays, Screenplays, etc.)
  • Flash non-fiction of 1 page or less is also welcome.
  • Erotica & work aimed at children will NOT be considered.


  • Prose: up to 7,500 words
  • Poetry: Up to 5 pages
  • Scripts: Up to 10 pages
  • Submissions of longer than 10 pages must be numbered.


  • All submissions must be typed. No handwritten submissions will be accepted.
  • If you send your submission in, please do NOT mail us your only copy of your work. We can not be responsible for returning submissions.

Multiple Submissions

  • Multiple submissions (submissions of more than one work) are fine. Send us what you’ve got!

Simultaneous Submissions

  • Simultaneous submissions (submitting work you’ve already submitted–or are planning on submitting–elsewhere) are fine too.
  • Please just be sure that if your submission gets accepted elsewhere, you contact us at to withdraw it from consideration for Hashtag Queer: LGBTQ+ Creative Anthology, Vol 2.


  • Reprints will NOT be considered.


  • We are seeking First English Anthology Rights and First World Anthology Rights in print and ebook formats.
  • NOTE: These rights only allow the material to be used in the anthology and its reprints, and the writer retains all rights to their work not specified here (i.e. in the contract), including copyright to their work.
  • We are also seeking, for all material, Non-exclusive Excerpt Rights (for the purposes of promoting the Anthology on the website).

Response Time

  • We will respond to all submissions by March 31, 2018.


  • Contributors will receive $5 per printed page.

What to Submit

  • Your submission
  • A brief bio telling us something about you and (if applicable) any publishing experience
  • At least one form of contact information (phone number, email, or mailing address. Please do not give a social media account handle as your only form of contact information.
  • IMPORTANT: Pen names are acceptable. However, for contractual purposes, all submissions must also include the author’s legal name.

Where to Submit

Submissions may be emailed to us at:

or mailed to us at:
PO Box 454
Lanesborough, MA 01237


Submission Deadline

  • March 1, 2018

Check out Hashtag Queer: LGBTQ+ Creative Anthology, Volume 1 here to see what kinds of work we’ve published already, plus we’re always looking for new voices and perspectives!

2 thoughts on “Submissions”

  1. I have several scripts I would like to submit but don’t know the word count…suspect it is more than 7500 words but you said that was for “prose”.

    All but one of scripts are under 80 pages. A lot of contest call those “shorts”

    I could send them and you could take a look but I did want to thank you for allowing scripts even if mine are to many words.

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