Want to help spread the word about Hashtag Queer & make money doing it? Here’s how you can…

Make Money Promoting Hashtag Queer

No actual sales involved!

AMAZON & SMASHWORDS both have affiliate programs. They cost nothing to join or participate in.

Hashtag Queer, Vol. 1 is sold in paperback and for the Amazon Kindle on & in most digital formats on, including mobi (Kindle), epub (Nook, iBooks, Kobo), pdf, and online reader.

On this page you’ll learn how to join each program, what you’ll earn for each copy of Hashtag Queer that you sell, and how to get started marketing Hashtag Queer for affiliate income.

Affiliate Programs in a Nutshell

First, a few basic points about Affiliate Programs, just for those who may not yet know:

  • They cost nothing to join
  • You never touch any inventory (i.e. no dealing with shipping or handling)
  • All you do is promote the product on your social networks and site/blog
  • You get paid a commission for every item sold that comes through one of your referral links
  • You get paid automatically by direct deposit from Amazon or Smashwords

How Much Commission Will I Make?

Amazon pays a tiered commission up to 10%, based in part on the product type and in part on how many referrals you make. New Amazon affiliates start out earning 4% on most referrals, including books and ebooks like Hashtag Queer. After you refer your first 7 completed sales, that commission goes up to 6%.

TIP: If you don’t refer at least 1 sale every 180 days , Amazon will terminate your affiliate relationship for inactivity. However, you may instantly sign up again with no penalty and the 180-day clock resets. The only thing you need to do is change the affiliate/referral link wherever you’ve placed it.

The Smashwords affiliate program currently pays 11% commission on referred sales of Hashtag Queer (and all those other 455,000+ ebooks there, of course.)

[BTW, you can stay a Smashwords affiliate for as long as you like, regardless of whether you refer any sales; Smashwords will never terminate your affiliate relationship for inactivity…at least not that we’ve ever heard of.]

How to Join the Amazon Affiliate Program

To join the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program go to the following link:

How to Join the Smashwords Affiliate Program

To join the Smashwords Affiliate Program, first sign up for a free membership at Then, once logged into Smashwords, go to your Account page and click to Affiliate Systems Management. Or just click the following quick link to join the Smashwords Affiliate Program.



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