A Sweet Postcard from a Dear Friend

Todd Swindell is a dear friend to Curry and me. He and Curry have been close friends for many years–by which I mean decades–during which time Todd and I have gotten to know each other and develop a deep mutual appreciation and fondness as well. Todd is a writer himself, a poet, and he runs the website haroldnorse.com to honor the legacy and work of the beat poet Harold Norse. A former member of ACT UP San Francisco, Todd later took responsibility for gathering Norse’s archives to be housed at Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley. Todd Swindell is also the editor of I Am Going to Fly Through Glass: Selected Poems of Harold Norse (Talisman Press, 2014).

Over the years, Todd has sent Curry, and then Curry and me, countless postcards. Yes, you read right: postcards. Todd embraces many of our world’s finest forms that have fallen out of favor in place of more convenient technological alternatives. But with Todd, it goes even further, as he doesn’t just send any old postcard he finds in a store. No, Todd creates the postcards he sends through collage, stickers, and illustration. Each one is a work of art unto itself, and the sentiments he express on the reverse side are always the stuff of poetry. We have always been grateful for Todd’s unique presence in our lives and his gifts to the world.

Recently Todd wrote a review of Hashtag Queer: LGBTQ+ Creative Anthology, Vol. 1 on Amazon. Following his posting of that review, Todd did something he’d never done before. He sent a postcard addressed to me personally. Here’s what he wrote:

Greetings Sage, Thanks for sharing with me your work on Hashtag Queer. It’s inspiring and an encouragement, quite like the love you share with Curry. Wishing you both a blessed Summer Solstice. Good luck with your next project too! xoxo, Todd.

As for that “next project” Todd mentioned (for those of you who caught that), stay tuned…

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